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 Welcome to the Homestead Line, complete with Store and More.
Changes coming this year, 2018!
***Finally, the long awaited Book #2 of Children of Glacier Point! ***
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AND Some new country signs....Here's YOUR Sign!

 If you saw something, or remember an item we had, email us because we don't carry everything in stock.
Most items are made up as examples, and we'll custom make or personalize in your colors! is another email option.

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Every item you find is hand crafted or created by one or more of us: four sisters raised on an Alaskan homestead, taught to be resourceful, inventive and have fun doing it! Check our directory on your left for links to different branches of our business, or head straight in to the store. We'll be waiting! Remember that our specialty is making an item for YOU. We match colors & themes for YOU. We can preserve a memory, begin a tradition, or make something completely unique. Our staff [the four of us!] is experienced in hand work and computers, brainstorming and developing, taking an idea and turning it into a lasting piece of art, a useful household item, an extension of you and your dreams. We make each and every item, with the exclusion of the books that were printed per our layout by a printer. Handcrafted gifts with a northwest country or homestead theme -- or ANY theme! Your choice, to fit your life.

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