Who Are We?

There ARE mornings when we wonder!  Here is a look at our backgrounds; we’ll eventually bring you up to date on who we have become, what has happened along the way and where we are going, which changes day to day.

2 thoughts on “Who Are We?

  1. OK, I realize I was supposed to be entering my background. Well it all started in Alaska, where I was born on a homestead. My poor father delivered me and never quite recovered! Mom however was a trooper and being British, never gave up on any thing! We survived, grew and became proficient at many skills necessary to “getting by with very little”. After several different careers, and raising 3 sons, I now spend my time working on my Husband’s Family Farm. I put in about 30 hours a week in the winter and 80 in the summer growing and selling vegetables. Something I have done since I was about 5 and had my first garden on the homestead. Last summer someone asked at a Farmer’s Market, if I had been a vegetable grower very long. I replied “only about 60 years, but I am sure it will be many more”. That keeps me busy and I also quilt, that is my fabric therapy. Keeps me from killing anyone. So that is good!! Check out our Farm Facebook page (as well as the Homestead Store page) I am never bored and you wont be either, I hope!! Linda, # 2 sister

  2. Hi, as number 2 sister, I have the responsibility of trying to keep track of the next two. Who am I kidding? I have the responsibility of keeping track of myself!
    Every year, the 4 of us try to get together at least a couple of times. So when we do, we share all kinds of memories, food, fabrics, etc. This year we are having a spring weekend at Sister Ruth’s (she is the baby) house in Vale Oregon. We are taking some fabrics to trade. I am taking pinwale corduroy that I purchased years ago when my 18 yr old Granddaughter was a baby. I thought this was the beginning of a bunch of grandkids who would need cute little crawlers. As it turns out I still only have 2 grands so there is lots of corduroy left. Taking it to Nancy so she can make crawlers for her youngest granddaughter who is 1 yr old. She is supposed to be bringing thread to trade!!! I like that idea. The point of this is that sharing things we do and sharing stuff is a big part of our relationships.
    You can all do this, maybe there are physical components of your hobbies that you can share, maybe there are recipes, or photos or whatever you might all enjoy, maybe you just share food, whatever, it is an exercise in cleaning out stuff you no longer have jobs for or just sharing something cool with your family. So this is me sharing ideas with you! Have a great spring and Happy Easter!!

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