Spring? I sure hope so!

It is a beautiful day in Southwestern Idaho. Just above 50 degrees, sunny, only a light breeze (that is a miracle in itself)blowing.

Bulbs are popping up all over and some brave little flowers are already blooming. Love this time of year.  My sis-in-love(law) and I bought some primroses a couple weekends back whilst on a shopping trip in Boise and they are looking lovely on our front porch. So bright and cheerful that they make me smile!

Treated all my indoor plants to some TLC today added soil where needed, repotted some, repositioned, etc etc etc. Had been needing to do for some time and today was the day, also cleaned off and reorganized the bakers rack in our breakfast nook area that could barely be seen for all the crud that had parked itself there – well yes I know the stuff did not get there by itself but you know how it goes.

Planning on upgrades to the garden area , thinking to put down landscape cloth everywhere there is not a raised bed and putting some type of mulch on top of so won’t have to mow in there anymore.  Considering the mulch made from old tires as it would last forever I think. Must research on price and availability and try to figure out just how much we might need.

We are going to put in at least two more raised beds this spring so must also get the materials for that project.  Yup its all work but is SO worth it when we are eating fresh veggies from our garden!!!

Might try the growing spuds in a box type planter with straw and dirt…..eldest sis is trying this and it sounds like a great way to have some taters without needing a whole garden just for them.


So off to outside for whatever strikes my fancy I think.

Hope everyone is having a super day, whatever you may be doing.

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