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We’ve added several new followers lately.  Don’t know where you all are from, or your interest level, but hope you find something here that makes you smile.

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Technology, gotta love it ~ except when we don’t!  When we were growing up, we saw the world through the eyes of National Geographic, the retelling of our parents life experiences and listening to the radio.  Now we have both better and worse connections with life.  It may be almost instant [okay, except when that tech stuff fails] but it can also detract from the personal touch.  It allows us to actually stay in touch with far flung cousins around the world, and yet may keep us out of the local store when we can shop online.

I could go on with the pros & cons [some downright funny] for ages, paragraphs and pages. Bottom line, tech stuff is here, it is not going away, let’s just be smart & use it to our benefit.  Which is why we are here with a blog ~ a word I do not even like!

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