Wish Upon a Star, or a Catalog!

When we were kids [back in the day, decades ago] there were two or three things we always looked forward to in the mail.  Remember, for several years we only received mail once or twice a month, because we lived on a homestead accessible only by water or small plane.  Our Dad went to town for supplies, and to longshore the monthly freighters that supplied that town.  But that is several other stories.

So there we were, anxiously awaiting what in the mail?  Packages from our Grandma in California, and in later years the boxes of school books from the Calvert Course and the library box. Oh my, again with the several other stories.

High on our list of favorite mail however was THE WISH BOOK.  You all remember those, right?  No?  Okay, for the ‘too young’ or folks who never experienced it, this was the Sears Roebuck Christmas Catalog.  Actually we received two, because Montgomery Wards also had one.  We spent literally hours and hours pouring over these two beautiful publications.  Pencil or crayon in hand, we would mark our initials by the things we wanted. Some items got marked by all of us, some were individual choices.  Primarily it was toys, but also clothes and things for our family. It kept us entertained for weeks!  We also knew that we would probably not get any of our selections, but we could dream and so we did.

Last week I found out that our young granddaughters discovered their own ‘wish book’.  The 6 year old brought the catalog to me, proudly sharing each item she had circled and put her initial by. Upon hearing her, the 3 year old said “Gma, I could mark some too.”  Off they went, happy for a while at least with their own shared ‘wish book’.  Definitely brought back memories, especially when I shared the story with my sisters.

Ah, now those of you from our generation, and a few after, are saying “But there isn’t a Sears or Wards Wish Book any more!”  [Whereas the ‘too young’ are still just bewildered.]  You are right, there isn’t. **  But then it is not a Christmas catalog, but one that is more dear to the hearts and green thumbs of our little grands.


Uhuh, the fall perennial & flower issue!  They will be non-partisan and do the same when Burpee’s and the others come through as well, plotting and planning what looks beautiful and that they MIGHT convince their folks or grandparents to order and help them ‘plant’.

Meanwhile, they help with the watering, harvesting and preserving, asking a million questions and reminding us “but last year you did it this way, Gma, don’t you remember?”

**In looking for an image of a vintage Sears Wish Book to use, I see that they do have one still.  Apparently none of us bought enough to remain on their list!

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  1. Ah the memories this post evokes!!!! Another thing that at least the two youngest of us did with the catalogs was try to find the perfect picture we could cut out for a paper doll. Never did find a whole lady in her underwear which is what we perceived as the perfect doll, they always either had no legs or no head.. LOL ah well it kept us busy for hours on end.

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