Fall has arrived and so have the much cooler temps!

Fall has arrived at our home in Southwestern Idaho, the colors are beautiful, the air is decidedly crisp , the garden is nearly done and just needs cleaning up here very shortly. My thoughts now turn to warm soups, fresh bread…comfort foods. Also thinking about gifts to make for family and friends. My three sisters and I are doing a project to give Christmas stockings to children in need. No, of course they don’t NEED stockings , however, it is the immeasurable joy and happiness these can bring to a small child on Christmas morning that makes it a worthwhile endeavor. May we all love and care for our family, friends, and neighbors in this crazy world we live in. Even virtual hugs are better than nothing and can convey hope and caring.  God Bless us all.

the Virginia creeper is just stunning

My dahlias like the cooler weather obviously as they are blooming like crazy.

Love the bright colors of these cosmos.

Fall colors for our table

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