Alrighty then, confused as usual.

Week or two ago I posted a new piece, “Almost Spring” and my email even told me that there was a new posting.  However, it seems to have gone into the land of the lost.  Here is a repeat:

While puttering around one sunny afternoon recently I found some 'wild' oregano
in a patch on the hillside.  Truly, I planted it years ago, then after a season
or two it faltered. Pretty much disappeared. So I ignored it.  For years. 
Guess what? It lingered and then grew back under some actual wild stuff (grass
and sweet peas of the wild type].  Hot diggity!  Dug up and transplanted into
3 and 4 inch pots, each with a nice root section.

They are doing well!  Of course I left some in my 'secret' hillside incubator
spot too.  These 30 pots will go to Cron Produce to join their spring bedding
plant sales.  Plus a couple dozen lavender, IF they root.  Unlike the oregano,
they are from necessary trimmings in my yard.

So exciting, 32 (actually) pots of oregano, and 24 lavender... just how does
that compare to what they are doing on the farm?  Over 20,000 [yes, twenty
THOUSAND] asstd peppers, 6,000 eggplant, and just starting on the over 10,000
tomatoes.  Yes, THOUSANDS!  You can follow them on Facebook and get the latest
updates on produce progress.

Plus, we'll break the secret right here and now; can you say Recipe Book? The
'First Ever Sweet Cron Recipe Book' is going to be available soon!


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