Frosty Mornings & Warm Afternoons

This is only the beginning!  Was out to the farm the other day and my sis was working, where else, in the greenhouses.

Thousands of seedlings!

Thousands of seedlings!

I delivered some herbs that were started last year, was minimally helpful in transplanting the first of the eggplants that were big enough for the next stage.  Then we sorted/reviewed/matched and discussed fabric for quilt projects while she did some embroidery for me.

We took time for a walk around the field in front of her house before I headed home.  Beautiful weather, spring flowers peeping through here and there.

I brought home some seedling soil and am beginning the process in my own small greenhouse to (hopefully) get a few more herbs growing and possibly some flowers.  We’ll see!  Of course, the fact that I am in the middle of a bear order and another project doesn’t help, but seems the norm.  Even so, I am less busy than any of my sisters.  You don’t want to know what their schedules are like!!

This posting is also another test to see if the ‘notice’ system has perhaps begun to work correctly.  If it has, you’ll be reading this with no need for an additional email.  If not, I’ll know soon and will try to rectify.

Best to you, from all of us.

2 thoughts on “Frosty Mornings & Warm Afternoons

  1. Thank you ladies for the update on your adventures. I hope the coming year brings you many more of them. Halfway is getting the snow levels it got in the old days. I’ve had to have a crew shovel off our house several times this year. Here in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the ski areas are getting their fare share of the white stuff but down here, just cold and wind.
    Be safe, healthy, and warm this winter, girls. Spring is coming!
    Best Regards,
    Michael Allstead

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