Crocheted swiffer sweeper cover

Found a pattern for a crocheted swiffer sweeper cover. Pulled out some cotton yarn, my crochet hook and got to work! It did not take very long to make this and it actually fits my swiffer sweeper! Am thinking if I like it I will make more of them. So instead of using disposable (not to mention spendy) covers I will use home made cotton ones that can be thrown in the wash and used over and over. Here are some pictures of the cover! And I tried it out cleaning my dining room floor today. The floor is laminate and I use a multi surface floor cleaner which you just squirt on and mop. It worked just fine so I will be making more of these for me and some to give as gifts to family members who may also like them. I do like being able to make things I need around the house. Growing up on a homestead in Alaska we learned early on to “make do” with things we had and to make things we needed. I am blessed to have been raised to be independent, self-sufficient and crafty!!

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