I am so enjoying my flowers this spring/summer. Here are several of my gladiolus, it is fun to see what color will pop up next.  These are in some pots just outside our front porch. I have a large bed of them in the back yard that are just starting to bud, can’t wait to see them burst into bloom. Then there are the hollyhocks I planted with them which should be a riot of color a bit later.  All of the flowers, veggies, trees, bushes, and grasses in our yard and garden make me happy. I think it’s the watching them grow, bloom and in some cases bear fruit and/or veggies that is so fun and amazing to see that attracts me to them. The different colors of even the leaves is compelling and interesting to me. Our little grand daughter, Ellie, whom we are raising loves to go into the garden with me to see whats happening. She loves the strawberries and raspberries and is quite fascinated by the growing tomatoes, peppers, squash and other items. All of this activity is good for my soul, body and mind!!  Keep calm and garden on works for me.

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