Just some tid bits ……………….

A few things that I made for Christmas and then some Valentine ideas in the works and more to come.

Also a couple of tricks/tips—–

  1. Use baby oil to clean your stainless steel appliances. Put a few drops on a dry cloth and rub the surface, follow with a clean dry cloth to polish. Repeat if needed. I tried this and it worked, made short work of fingerprints from our little grand daughters who love to play with magnets on the frig.
  2. This tip came from my husband. When needing icing instead of frosting, Open a can of pre made frosting, scoop some of it into a microwave safe bowl and heat briefly. Stir and then pour on your cake or cookies, works really well and makes icing a cake truly simple. Thanks Lynn.

That is it for now been meaning to post for ages but the Holidays kind of got in the way as I am sure you all have had happen.  I am so ready for spring and the seed catalogs keep showing up which makes me want spring even more. However, winter needs to finish up first.

Hope you all have a great rest of winter and we’ll talk again later.

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