Technology….love / hate relationship sometimes

Purchased an Echo Show for my husband for Christmas. He loves it! It is quite nifty. So then we had (well ok wanted to) to get some other devices for the house so that the Echo could control them via the Alexa app on our phones or directly thru the  Echo Show.

Whew…confused already? I was.  We got a wifi outlet(2 power plugs, 2 usb ports), hubby got it installed and then I finally got it to hook up to its app (another app on the phones..LOL ) and then linked with Alexa on the Echo Show. So far so good and we can ask Alexa to turn on the living room lamp and she does. There is independent control of each outlet and the outlet as a whole.

So then, we ordered 6 little wifi plugs which you plug into an existing outlet. So far have only done 1 of them. Plugged the little bugger into the outlet on the front porch where we have some rope lights installed under the eaves. Finally got the wifi hook up done, so Alexa could turn it off or on. Then started the daunting task of setting it up to come on at sunset and off at sunrise……. I said some not nice things a long the way as it was very frustrating for the better part of a week  but today, today I finally figured it out and it works!!! Yeah. So I learned i just have to be patient and keep trying and I’ll get it.

I do love the technology but there are days when a kerosene lantern or a candle sound good!! Ha ha ha

Have a great day.

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