On family and friends, parents and children, cabbages and kings…..

  • It is pouring with rain, almost sleet.  People hurry across the parking lot, trying to avoid the puddles, even those of us true Northwesters who are very used to wet weather.  Now, here is the question:  is it better to wear regular shoes that might retain the wet, or sandles so the water runs through?
  • You call your mother, have a nice chat, explain that you are hand-binding books again and forgot how you did one part.  She says “well call D____, she might know.”  Hmm, only one problem with that, you ARE ‘D____’.
  • A posting on Facebook reminds you of an all too common trend; ie, things that are considered either new and hip or the ‘property’ of a certain less than stellar culture. What the heck?  We grew up with these things, let’s OCCUPY and take them back.  If I want to wear flannel shirts and drink Kool-Aid, I’m pretty sure it does not make me a stoner, a gang member or anything else.  I’m still your Kick-Ass Grandma, your Mom, your Sister.




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