MaryAnne & Persephane

Dear Persephane,

You would have laughed till you peed your pants last week. I pulled up to the drive up window at a local fast food place and after handing a $5.00 bill to the young person at the window, for my $3.59 meal, they returned a handful of change. Not a nice counting it back into my hand, but just a $1 bill and assorted coins, that immediately slid off the paper money and rolled under my car. WELL, I was not going to lose 41 cents! So I opened my door the whole 6-1/2 inches possible and then (with the emergency brake on) stretched my arm under the car to gather coins. I came up with 2 dimes, 4 nickels, 6 pennies (gaining here) and 3 sticky globs of unknown quantity. While I was stretched down and out the door, my food arrived and the young person was calling “Ma’m??? Ma’m??? where did you go??? Your food is ready””

Then I realized how ridiculous I must look and started laughing. Bad position for that!! Eventually dragged my scruffy self up and out from under the car, collected my lunch and managed to stop laughing hysterically long enough to thank the young person and wave a greatful thanks to the unhappy occupants of the car behind me.  Now my whole issue with this adventure is this: Why can’t people count back the change into your hand? That is $3.59 and here is your change, 60, 70, 75, 4 and one dollar makes 5??? Why do they want to put the change on top of the paper and just say “Here’s your change”???????? Love, MaryAnne

My Dearest MaryAnne,

I suppose your dilemma is part of the entire downfall (as I see it) of the younger generation. Our society doesn’t seem to expect much of people anymore.  (However I am sure the other people in the drive-up line were entertained by your antics) I am personally appalled by the lack of professionalism in our workplaces. It is time to take the young ones to all manner of “Going back to school” check-ups, sign-ups and whatever. At most places of business, one would expect to encounter dress and behavior appropriate to dealing with the public. At the shoe store, we were waited on by a young man with more metal sticking in and out of his body than I could believe. It must have weighed 5 lbs.  Then the receptionist at the Dental office was dressed in a shirt I am sure she outgrew in the 6th grade, it was too tight to button above her bra and too short to reach her pants. Perhaps she doesn’t make much money and can’t afford new clothes that fit??  And the middle aged clerk at the department store (school supplies department) was dressed in a mini-skirt and knit top outfit that I remember seeing on TWIGGY in the 1960’s. Of course the lady was the right age to have owned it in the 1960’s, perhaps she just saved it all these years? I am sure she was once built to wear such fashions, but age has not been kind.  Is it possible that none of these persons own mirrors?? I am so confused when presented with a gum smacking, choppy haired, waif, dressed in what looks like thrift store rejects, who says “C’n I help ya??”  What ever happened to professionalism???
Oh well, the children are all done with dental checks, sports physicals, new clothes, supplies and waiting impatiently for the first day of school.
ME TOO.  Love, your cousin,  Persephane


My Dearest MaryAnne,

I am so excited!! I actually got some Customer Service from one of those
insufferable numbers that one is instructed to call for help.  There was
an issue with my phone bill (I have never called anyone in Pittsville
anywhere) so I called the magic number.

The first recorded message asked me to press #1 for “Fast Friendly
Service”.  At that point I was talked to by several automated options
and eventually spoke with a real person, who said they didn’t know what
to do, because it must be my bill.

Well I was not very satisfied by that response, so I dialed the magic
number again and this time pressed 0 immediately and when an operator
came on the line I made this request “Never mind the sweet little girl
who dispenses “Fast, friendly Service”, just give me the Grumpy Old Lady
in the Back who can actually do something for me!!!!”  The result was
that I finally got someone who knew something and ironed out all my
difficulties!!  I love it!!! Hope your day is as successful,
Love, Your Cousin, Persephane

Dear Persephane,

WOW, you are awesome!! Way to go!!!  I hate those stupid menu messages
that never help anyone.  So I had a wonderful visit with my kids and am
so glad to be home, but of course the weeds and grass grew like crazy
while I was gone, so have been very busy catching up.  Was watching blue
birds and swallows fight over the birdhouse condominium that we have on
a pole in the yard. Also the cutest little goldfinches were feeding
right outside my window. Talked to my Granddaughter who said she was
watching hummingbirds in her yard. I told her about the little yellow
birds and she said “Gramma those are Goldfinches!”
She is very interested in all kinds of animals and birds. Next month she will be 8
and Gramma best get busy on a birthday dress for her. I make one every
year, and she now expects it!! At least she will still wear the stuff I make!! Better enjoy that while I can, I am sure once she becomes a teenager, life will change!! Well good luck with all the spring and summer activities your brood enjoys.  Love, MaryAnne

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