There in lies a Plan

The best laid plans of mice and men? How about the rest of us?   Somehow it works out most of the time that our nicely thought out plans just don’t come to fruition.  We may be at work and take a minute for a breather and think, ‘when I get home, I will do this and that and the other thing’, but when we get home either a) we are just too darn tired to do any of those things, b) someone else has other plans for us, or c) we just decide to read a good book or watch a good movie instead!!!

Of course there are the technical difficulties that plague us all from time to time and put a huge damper on what we intended to get done.  I planned to get some embroidery work finished up but my machine decided it is mad at me and so now it has to go in for a check up and you know this is an 85 pound machine – takes 2 strong men and 1 strong woman to move it from the craft room to the vehicle!! whew.  The hope and expectation is that it will be as good as new when it comes back home.  Then the computer which is attached (by usb cord) to the embroidery machine sometimes decides it just does not want to do the things I ask of it, what the heck is with that I ask?   Since when did computers get free will to do as they please rather than what we tell them?

So now the plan is to take the machine in to the repair shop and maybe go do some shopping – the heck with whatever the earlier plan was , we shall just revise it once again and start a new adventure.

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