A nifty re-use idea I just came up with!!! Ok an alternative idea in fact.

Ok I have had this little dealie for years – it’s intended purpose was to hold bra’s during washing so as to keep them from getting all tied up with other items.   Did I ever use it for that? Heck no, never could remember to do it.

Today as I was loading the dishwasher and had quite a number of lids to put it, I had a brainstorm!!! Oh yes they do happen once in a while and sometimes are quite innovative too.  I thought to myself, self why don’t you find that bra holder dealie and put all the lids in it and throw in the dishwasher and keep them from sliding all over the place.  So I loaded it up (I know amazing that I managed to remember where it was) and put it in the dishwasher. The cycle is still going so have not been able to see how it did but can not imagine any issues with it. Dishwasher just got done and woo hoo  looks like it worked very well!

Now must get started on a big cheesecake for a small dinner (party-get together) we are having tomorrow afternoon/early evening.  Family and friends coming for bbq’d steaks, spuds, salad, deviled eggs (already made today), and this dessert I am making.

Ok off I go. Hope anyone who reads this and has one of the ‘bra’ dealies will try my idea!!! Thanks for reading our posts.

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