What was I looking for anyhow? Hmmmmmm




Just something I am playing with currently in my embroidery room. Have some fixes to do as I am doing the jar digitizing on my own and am by no means really good at it. Made this kinda like a coaster and all in-the-hoop.  There will be updates as I figure out the tweaks and improvements (hopefully).

And what was I looking for when I ran across this idea? Well heck I don’t recall at this point if I was even looking for something in particular or not. Found the idea and ran with it.  This seems to be an issue for all of us sisters in our daily lives. We go looking for something and surprise ‘something shiny’ shows up and away we go on another tangent.

Every time I attempt to clean up and organize my craft room(s) I run into this problem—ie: I find things I forgot I had or sort of remember but not sure why I have them—sigh. One would think I might get rid of some of it but “I might need it one day, or at least wish I had it” or “it’s too good to throw out and I don’t know anyone who would use it”, oh the excuse choices are myriad for not getting rid of things.  I did manage to pretty thoroughly clean my craft areas not too long ago and horror of horrors I did throw away a few things but in the great scheme of crafting it was a small amount. Unfortunately all my good plans about keeping everything right where it belongs when I am done with it last all of a couple weeks maybe, then along comes either a customer job for my embroidery or some big project of my own doing and poof all good intentions tend to go by the wayside.

Truly when I am working on a customer order I AM very organized and keep it all rounded up – it’s my projects that get kind of shoved aside in whatever spot is available.

However, as long as my creative mind is still whirring and coming up with new things to try I shall be happy and content and not worry too much about the state of my areas. i do believe that my creativity is a part of what keeps me going and for sure it helps with my ability to stay sane! LOL some might say I am deluding myself on the sane part and that’s ok too. My sane is likely not the same as other folks with the exception of my sisters.

So as ‘they’ say, don’t sweat the small stuff and just enjoy your creativity. Another saying I have on a tee shirt (and no I did not make it) is  Do something CREATIVE every day! I try to do this.

Toodaloo and have a crafty day folks.




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