Canning, freezing, baking – old fashioned maybe? But still relevant and rewarding.

Today, among other things, I baked and then froze squash from our garden. Spaghetti squash and Butternut squash.  After cutting the squash in half and removing the seeds I then  baked the squash for what seemed a long time at 350 degrees untill they were good and soft, I let them cool just enough to handle and then in an epiphany got out an ice cream scoop and used that to scoop out the meat of the squash from the shells.  Wow should have thought of that a long time ago because it worked like a charm.

I then put the squash into bags and sealed them with our vacumn sealer, this squash will taste so very good this winter.

I then made a batch of peanut butter cookies, oh yeah, Suzie Homemaker here for sure today. Since I retired from my day job just over a year ago I have had much more time for these things that I so enjoy and feel compelled to do!

Over the past few days I have processed 4 different types of peppers as well. Anaheims, Poblanos, Pimentos, and Cubanellas. The Anaheims and Poblanos I roasted under the boiler so as to be able to skin them before freezing. the Pimentos I canned in small jars and the Cubanellas I just seeded and cut into slices and froze them.

Enjoy the fruits of the season and of your labors, now and later on as well!  It is therapy for me and could be for you too!  If you don’t know how or don’t have any books about canning/freezing you can find it all online! Just use google and off you go.


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