Another little trick I came up with

Of course it is entirely possible that other folks have thought of this as well, however, I will tell my story anyway.

Have you ever needed to put a bouquet garni (ok a bunch of spices) in something but don’t want them to remain in the dish. Yes you can fiddle with a piece of cheese cloth or muslin and make a little package. Wait for it………I found a much better and easier way to do this. I have a little tea infuser on a chain with a hook on the end so I just fill it up with the spices, clamp it shut and hang it on the inside of the pot I am cooking in. the chain is long enough to use in a fairly large pot and I could attach more if need be. When its all done releasing its wonderful flavors and aromas I simply lift it out and discard the used up spices! Viola! as they say. Works very well. Try it you might like it. (I was going to add another picture that shows this little gem open but for whatever reason it did not want to upload.)



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