When your youngest child moves away from his hometown for the first time…..

Our youngest son who works for Les Schwab Tires (he has worked for them nearly since high school graduation and he is nearly 28 now) has moved to Hailey, Idaho. This is an advancement for him and we are proud of his progress with the company. He is very good at what he does and this has earned him respect of his bosses and co-workers. His new place of employment is about 100 miles from us, so no not far away but still seems odd not to have him close by. I guess this is the Mom in me kicking in and feeling a little sad but at the same time so happy for our son, his wife and family. Yes it also means not seeing the grand daughters as much either but we can make trips up to see them when the weather gets nicer!

Gotta let our kids grow up and spread their wings to fly on their chosen path!  I will always worry about him, maybe more because he is my baby, even though in my heart I know he will be just fine.

Ok enough being sad…. LOL . Besides I have this adorable nearly 3 year old whom my husband and I are raising (she’s another granddaughter) and she keeps me very very busy.

Onward and upwards! I am ready for spring, gardening, walks again and already making stacks for the upcoming ‘sisters trip’ in June!!! Life is good and God has blessed us all.

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